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Cars and tracks

Driving courses are held in very demanding ice circuits, rally cross circuits and true rally special stages. Our driving courses are given with latest specifications Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models. Furthermore we have many FWD and RWD cars which you can improve your driving. Naturally the cars are well-serviced and equipped with mandatory safety gears.

Courses for civil driving

Do you know all driving issues which improves your car safety? Do you know how for example ESP works in real driving issues? Do you control your car in changing conditions?

Nowadays cars are filled with modern technology which helps driver to fix the mistakes he/she makes during driving and therefore to prevent accidents to happen. However this case works only if he/she can handle the car correctly.

Don't never ever practice your skills in public road! Come and train your skills to our closed circuits with professional teacher!

Our courses for civil driving includes a theory where you get to know the car and its' qualities. After theory we start the engine and focus teaching for example to maneuvers and braking practices.

You can enter the courses with your own car or you can drive with our car.

In our courses for civic driving we practice f.ex following issues:
* correct driving position
* economical driving
* car control devices (ABS, ESP, ASR, etc...)
* car basic service f.ex tyre change etc...

Driving practices:
* effecient braking
* slalom
* maneuvers
* slide circle
* ice circuit driving, slippery conditions driving

Courses for rally driving

As Finnish rally drivers hold the most WRC victories (over 140 of them), Finland and rally driving go undisputedly together. The most legendary, valued and challenging rally of the WRC season is driven in Finland, in Jyväskylä. The Finnish rally courses are so challenging because they are so varied: jumps, curves, long straights and wide, fast roads. Moreover, during the winter they are spiced up by high snowbanks and icy roads and that is what makes them special: they are challenging all year round. Driving in Finland really is an experience!

Practicing in Finland is very useful also internationally: when you master the world's most challenging roads, you will manage on any other too. Driving lessons with a competent and experienced rally driving professional is not only efficient but also fun. Versatile exercises enable the training to be interesting and developing. Improvable fields of one's driving are plotted with the client and the training program is planned completely according to the client's wishes.

You can bring your own rally car or drive one of ours. In our training we use cars which produce an authentic driving experience. You get enjoyable flush of speed with genuine and reliable rally cars, which allow your driving skills to improve rapidly.

The rally driving training that we offer uses mainly the N-Group's newest Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models, but in addition we have different rally cars with both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Naturally, the cars are serviced and equipped with safety equipment that meets the rules. See the details from here.

During the winter the training takes place on challenging ice tracks, gravel tracks and on a specially designed rally course. During the summer it is also possible to practice on a rallycross track and a special stage forest track.

Refreshment days

Do the people at your work need some refreshment for the long winter? Or maybe just want to have some fun with your friends?

For companies, communities or just groups of friends we arrange recreational days which are planned with the client from the beginning to the end. In order to create a day suitable for you, we include into your day different activities according to your wishes.

These could be, for instance, driver training on a track, all terrain vehicle safaris or controlled snowshoeing in the beautiful nature of Finland. Time between the activities is spent feasting with delicious food and just relaxing together.

Rally experiences

Do you need a vivid program for example for batchelor party or company refreshment day? Do you want to give a memorable birthday gift? Or have you want to be a co-driver of a professional rally driver?

Around the year we arrange rally experiences with genuine rally car. Your driver is a professional rally driver who gives you a safe experience you'll never forget. Our rally experiences includes mandatory safety gear like driving suites and helmets.

Other services

We also organize RoadShow tours aswell as other company entertainments.

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